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Poor contact phone cable how to deal with?

by:Richupon      2020-07-30
The phenomenon: do you have a mobile phone charging, occasionally appear this kind of circumstance, it is sometimes have electricity or disconnect, very upset, this phenomenon is mostly caused by poor contact phone cable, it should be how to do? Replace another headphone cables, that don't have to waste so, according to the following method to do actually, can solve the problem, also can save the money to buy a cable. Below, to introduce a kind of tips found in use process, and the effect is very, very stable, since to stays poor contact, no matter how to move you might as well try. Say the first commonly used mobile phones cable connect appear because of poor contact: we can see the width of the data cable 1. 5 mm arched rectangular sheet metal, and mobile phone interface width is 1. 5 mm, after the cable connected to the mobile phone, data cable on the sheet metal of dislocation was hung up for various reasons. We look at the interface on the headphones cable, is single chip, the thickness of only 1. 2 mm and mobile phone connections after contact is very good also single sheet won't have what problem, the thickness of only 1. 2 mm and mobile phone connections after contact is very good also won't have what problem. Under a headphone cables make some small processing: use tools: is a manicure tools, metal plates on each side will N81 cable repair to 5 to 10 silk, silk is 0. 05 - 0. To 1 mm, with a certain slope, and not to repair, after repair on both sides of the top of the sheet metal is smaller than the original, then connect the computer after a very stable, won't appear intermittently.
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