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Phone with usb data cable can't charge electricity is what problem?

by:Richupon      2020-05-25
As you all know, in life we are increasingly inseparable from the mobile phone. The emergence of smartphones, in particular, greatly has made our life more. But the most troubling or to recharge the phone. Just want to charge their phone, for example, found that not into, data cable has always been good. For this is the case, cable manufacturers to give you the answer. 1. Power cuts. Socket power key forgot to open, or the power went out, or trip. So, be sure to check the power supply was clear. 2. Not good. Link to mobile phone that end of the interface is not in them, or not produced that end of the link power supply interface. At this time only need to confirm the charging plug line, and then see if mobile phones can charge inside. 3. There is something wrong with the charger base. Validation method is simple, unplug it, connect the cable with the computer, if the computer can charge their phone, so that the base is not bad. 4. Cable connected to the mobile phone interface is broken. Found several above all a good time, you will wonder if their phones connect this side of the interface is broken. Solution is very simple, to find a colleague or friend's phone to try out, trial must know whether the charger will support himself recharge their mobile phones. So you know the problem. 5. May be mobile phone is broken. General mobile phone no electricity, are rarely problem from phone. If found in the case of cable, there is no problem, will transfer the suspected to mobile phones. This is a question of whether cell phones, such as batteries, with mobile phones to repair shop to ask.
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