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Parsing VIVOX9 original cable

by:Richupon      2020-11-12

after a wave of qualcomm QC lead high pressure quick charge, after on the oppo insist on low pressure fast filling direction again one plus, huawei and vivo, and even the meizu's latest 55 w quick charge, is section 3 battery charge, is also a charger pass-through battery, not mobile phone inside to convert the voltage, euphemistically called a charge pump, is actually a disguised form the series of quick charge technology of low pressure, the same principle can also have two series of 7. 4 v5a quick charge, but do allow the battery to withstand 5 c charging current is quite strong, looking forward to mass production, these through a battery of quick charge way current is high to the requirement of wire rod, each successively introduced too much current fast filling line, let's take a look at the low pressure quick charge in vivo X9Plus original cable.


wire very thick like huawei 5 a line, with card buckle, length is 1 m, about 5 mm longer than huawei 5 a.

widening contact, like voocdash inside have a same identification line


Microusb head than normal size, but is one more negative two contact, lack of id contact, the contact in the otg line is dispensable, no trouble, commendable is that head also can into the ordinary mother on the phone in his mouth.

as a result of the macro lens distortion is the same width, is slightly longer than normal micro, is to insert designed for quick charge special phone mother, mother mouth internal contact is more will widen in the root is a negative two contact, this is why a slightly longer, this same phone mother mouth can also be compatible with ordinary microusb male head, just not quick charge.

look at macro, slightly distortion make vivo head look slightly thick, in fact, too thick, you can see the vivo head contact more brighter, two contact, both sides is the extra large current easily.

the following comparison huawei 5 a line and vivo line resistance, explain due to test the resistance of the resistance load is ordinary microusb mother mouth, so there is no parallel vivo line is measured data on the extra two contact data, so the results is almost twice the actual data.

as c mouth natural contact more do internal resistance than normal micro with same material or easy, I had a lot of line measurement is such result, but huawei is still a USB - 5 a line 一个USB - C the lowest line line resistance, only 81. 4 m Ω, see vivo results below


no accident vivo test results of bigger, but given the lack of two wires in parallel, the actual data, though cannot be simply divided by 2, but should still than huawei 5 a slightly smaller. 127. 1 m Ω this data is as an ordinary microusb port internal resistance, or than I measured my line of minimum resistance in millet 20 cm line of 138 m Ω even smaller, 1 m line have such data is strong, you're worth it.

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