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Long-term use of mobile power supply on the cell phone is bad?

by:Richupon      2020-06-20
In recent years, the popularity of mobile power supply is becoming more and more widely, we also often receive cell phone charging line manufacturers, customers can do mobile power supply cable, mobile power supply is becoming more and more popular. For mobile phones, because the spare battery charging more troublesome, charging time is too long, and only one charge. Not only a waste of time, at the same time also affected the efficiency. So mobile power set foot on the train arises at the historic moment of The Times, as long as the mobile power in hand, don't have to worry about power is not enough use. Some consumers will be asked, when we were in the use of mobile power products, will have damage to the mobile phone or battery? By charging the mobile phone line manufacturer for everyone to look at the below: a, mobile power supply must have a constant current discharge process, and the current can neither too big nor too small. Generally between 600 ma and 1000 ma digital current, this data is also most of the standard parameters of mobile power supply in the market. Second, the mobile power supply must conform to the electronic product 3 C standard. Three, mobile power supply output voltage must be stable. To ensure that the output voltage in 4. The stability of the area between 2 v ~ 5 v, very high may damage the appliance. Four, mobile power supply's own protection circuit must pass, discharge, over current and short circuit must be prepared to triple protection. A lot of mobile power products on the market at present no protection circuit, when so consumer is buying mobile power paid special attention to the questions. So, if we use conform to the specifications of the high-end mobile power supply there is no damage to the mobile phone or battery.
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