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How to speed up the charging cable

by:Richupon      2020-11-27

how to use the data cable can increase the speed of charging? For this problem bring you know about the usb cable manufacturer.

1。 Use high quality mobile phone data cable:

headphone cables will affect cell phone recharge rate. Generally speaking, the cheapest cable wires are very fine, they cannot safely to transmit enough electricity from the charger to mobile phones. Because there are some manufacturers in order to reduce the manufacturing cost, in terms of wire rod is bad or very thin metal wire, metal so we can not effectively under the condition of high power charging work. Therefore, we recommend supporting the use of the mobile phone users or some relatively good quality mobile phone cable for charging.

2。 And most important, turn off the mobile phone while charging:

the phone in the boot state, no matter what did you use it to do, its system background process will produce power loss, and turn off the phone in charging this part can reduce electricity consumption, thus realize mobile phone charging speed boost. In the case of mobile phone need to keep on, we can consider it as the 'flight mode', this model can reduce because of the signal transmission of electric energy loss. If even the airplane mode 'is not convenient to open, then ensure that mobile phone App runs in the background, especially video, games, and download the aspects of high energy consumption; Charging or direct shutdown, so is the fastest.

3。 Try to use the charger for mobile phone:

desktop PC or laptop USB port can provide power is very low, 5 v voltage and 0. 5 ma current) , obviously, such a power brought about by the charging speed slower than a dedicated USB charger on many. For example, the samsung Galaxy S5 supporting the charger current of 2. 1mA,USB 2. Current 0 0 interface. 5 ma, USB 3. Current 0 0 interface. 9 ma, that is to say, even if the S5 use USB 3. 0 interface, its speed compared to the charger.

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