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How to protect good headphone cables

by:Richupon      2020-11-05

many known to buy mobile phones will be attached to a piece of original data, but this cable is very fragile, within a few months is bad. And multifarious cable market brand, quality is uneven, the choose and buy cable became a difficult problem. Some people get the right brand, some people are looking for the wrong way. It will get damaged, will not use cable and cable were broken by exposing wires, not only affect the charging amount transfer, there is potential danger of leakage. In fact as long as familiar with using methods and steps of the data line, and keep a good habit, also worry about what data line broken! Then today cell phone cable manufacturers to solve this confusion, for you let you know how to protect their data cable.

1, avoid close to the heat source is a good protection for mobile phone cable. Although today, the cable on the market already have fire prevention class high-end cable, but most of the data line skin is gelatinous, if near the heat source will cause heat bilges cold shrink, along with the increase of number of are likely to cause fracture of the data cable, so usually use cell phone when the data line is the need to pay attention to avoid close to the heat source.

2, for mobile phone interface cable installation spring protection, this method is also protect cable way in today's popular online. This way is very simple, and is almost zero cost, just need to run out of ball-point pen spring out, then it is stretched, slowly turn into the cable, then fixed rotate. But need to pay attention to in the process, be careful. Interface after installed the spring protection, to some extent can avoid the phone cable connector for pulling cause damage.

3, want to make the service life of the cell phone cable get effective safeguard, so need to love it more when I was in use. Maybe a lot of consumer friends didn't pay attention, when plug cable are conveniently pulled down, and even some consumers friend will remote to pull pull the wires, disconnected with the charging head, but it is a no-no for headphone cables. The pull of the many times in a short period of time don't see any impact, but the quantitative change will cause qualitative change, regular mobile phone cable production company has pointed out, strength of pulling cable is a major cause of lead to damage of cable. So don't be so simple and crude when pulling headphone cables, gentle, and pay attention to the insertion technique.

the above three points is the protection technique of mobile data line. In addition to the above three points, but also can be in the mobile tie up the cable outlet duct tape, this way than the spring is not easy to get and need additional processing, more and more people like on interfaces with cellophane tape, simple and convenient. But need to note is that tape easy to degumming, so often consumers requires users to have a change. Cable manufacturers therefore suggest it is recommended to use adhesive tape around the pipe, namely ribbons. Although finish around a bit like a mummy, but after the wind can keep for a long time, can more effectively protect our headphone cables.

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