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How to produce data line to enable the copper wire life

by:Richupon      2020-12-03

1, the first note of tin stove temperature control general 0. 5 mm below the copper wire should control the temperature between 300/330 ℃.

2 tin, tin furnace temperature through high natural flow property will increase will lead to fast copper oxide, copper tin penetration of oxidation liquid quickly.

3, tin furnace temperature through low will cause tin copper wire head wear PCB process will be difficult to greatly influence the production efficiency.

4, please pay attention to the rubbish to clean up the tin stove, waste sundry more penetration in the process of immersion tin is easier in the copper oxidation on quality at a discount greatly.

5, please pay attention to the quality when buying copper wire, copper wire on the market is too much, some only 60% to 99% copper content directly, the real pure copper wire should be copper content over 99%, the quality of the copper wire is the best.

6, please note that the flux quality halogen residues is overmuch, copper surface pickling incomplete directly affect the service life of copper wire, using high quality conforms to the ROHS environmental protection flux can put an end to.

7, please pay attention to the packing time should not too fast cooling at least 60 minutes to wrapping, of course, according to the temperature of the weather at that time, the rule of hot cold slow fast. Did not begin to packing powder can produce heat water copper oxide fast under the influence of water copper wire is easy to black.

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