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How to prevent the oxidation of the USB cable rust?

by:Richupon      2020-05-29
We first analyze the structure of a USB cable, it is by the USB2. 0 AM plug, Micro plug and wire injection molding, and plug part of the USB cable is usually made of iron and stainless steel, and they will have a layer of plating on the surface, is made up of plating the ability of oxidation rust, industry is stipulated in the salt spray test to other classification. Have regular points and 8 hours of salt spray test, after 12 hours of salt spray test, salt spray test for 24 hours, 48 hours salt spray test. The longer the salt spray test time, oxidation rust ability is stronger, is not easy to rust. Don't assume that the salt fog test, the USB cable will not rust oh, if put it in the damp environment, oxidation, causing rust iron shell, so how to prevent the cable rust? Next gen cable factory, teach you how to prevent the USB cable to oxidize: first packing the good USB cable with a good little pouch sealing, with a bag or two bag is good. To seal the pocket! Use carton to pack 1000 PCS again to use card board underlay below! Second, under the moist environment, close the window of the warehouse, the warehouse around with plastic containers loaded some dry lime! This is the easiest way! Or, in the warehouse around, some of the dehumidifier. To remove the moisture in the air! Assure indoor air is dry. And some methods is on the iron shell of USB interface, daub some anti-rust oil. So durable can also guarantee the wires, generally for a few years is no problem.
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