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How to pick a data line of security and stability of cell phone

by:Richupon      2020-11-05

the rapid development of mobile phone industry, give us life brought a lot of convenience. Also led to the development of mobile phone accessories industry, such as mobile phone data cable, sometimes because of various reasons, may be a year with several! So, today is, in the end how to choose USB cable manufacturer is an affordable, quality guaranteed, charging safe third-party data on-line?

first of all, we must choose a brand of cable, the stronghold of cable is absolutely no guarantee. Relative to buy fake brand cable cable, you can see the difference on the work, generally coarsely, shanzhai cable interface concave and convex uneven, and only use the copper wire, no shield, no joint technical support, this leads to greatly increase the risk of a problem. And cable used new trickle charging technology, charging a total through three stages: fast, slow filling, filling a trickle charge to reach saturation, and can keep the 2 a quick charge, the whole process charging the mobile phone is not hot, reduce the occurrence of safety accidents.

the second choice is not easy to bending fracture of cable, data line, after all, is too easy to fracture, the cable has no security. Cable is easy to fracture in tapping and joint fracture, everywhere inside the cable wire exposed leakage electric shock thed loss outweights the gain. We can choose the nylon braided wire cable, the reason is because the nylon braid cable toughness stronger, resilience is very good, not easy entanglement or crease, and soft and easy to bend.

the final choice of thicker cable, choose thick cable is also a reason, thick wires usually increases in addition to copper wire inside online core material lifting line core mechanics performance, so that it is not easy to break. On the outside of the copper wire core will add another layer of anti-oxidation of tin plating layer is used to extend the service life. Water droplets book inside the cable wire core consists of eight lines, and the tin copper core faster and more safety.

so in summary, now mobile phone battery quickly, the number of charging is more, to learn how to choose good cable, cell phone cable manufacturers suggest choose reliable safe third-party data cables, especially not to choose and buy some fake for the quality of the data cable, charging so as not to cause an accident.

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