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How to offer quick charge?

by:Richupon      2020-11-28

recently listed a new OPPO phone quick charge R9 mobile phones, sales in the market also is very good, can not do without it's a big selling point: charging 5 minutes talking 2 hours, this means that it is very fast charging, which accords with the demands of consumers. Charging so quickly because it from the charger and cable here to move hands and feet, if you use ordinary charger and data cables at less than a quarter of the effect, because the principle of our company as the research R9 mobile phone recharge quickly, specially bought a R9 phones do research.

but in so far: inside the new quick charge mobile phone data line out, small make up to tell you a simple way to keep the cell phone quick charge,

ready first, mobile phone data cable, scissors.

a, charging the mobile phone is a mobile phone is a certain relationship between the length of the cable, the shorter the better, the effect of the mobile phone charging cable because of the longer cable, impedance, the greater the loss, the more will affect the charging efficiency of the phone. If there is no short cable can also be cut open a long phone data line in the middle skin can see red, white and green and black four wire and a layer of aluminum foil, aluminum foil with shielding function is not have influence on charge. Charging function of red and black, white, green is data function. Lose as long as the white, green, the two wires, stripping out the wire twist together into a short circuit. Part will reduce wear and tear. So I can phone charging speed increased.

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