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How to make the data line does not appear rupture phenomenon

by:Richupon      2020-06-08
With the accelerating rhythm of life, people use the data line frequency is higher and higher. So a lot of people are very concerned about the life of data wire, cable factory tutoring today everybody of malfunctioning of the proper use of data and data line remedies. Because of the line body material and design can appear sometimes line fracture problem, meet such circumstance, we usually choose to lose to buy again. Many users put forward a way of surprising, to protect the cable to cable look brand-new. Some users with coil spring to protect cable interface, using spring the trap on the place of data interface is relatively weak, such a protected place to reduce bending, increase the service life of the cable. But a more comprehensive approach is to coat a layer of protection on the cable, the glue is mainly used to protect parts, can be formed after drying case, such data line more wear and tear, durable. With sealant interface section first, and then coated with protecting glue directly, such as air drying. In fact, the simplest method is the use of the data cable correctly. When users are using cable, don't directly drawing cable, the cable interface will fall off for long, lead to damage of cable. Cable manufacturer to tell you that the correct use of cable is to catch the cable to plug the shell of the interface, so as to prolong the service life of the cable.
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