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How to improve the life of the cable? Your cable, right

by:Richupon      2020-11-04

the phone cable, the service life of the problem is still more attention to a problem, so how to use the phone cable to improve its life better? Do you really know your cable? Choose the right headphone cables? Turned out to have knowledge greatly, the type - below C take you know the cable manufacturer.


phone to distinguish the quick charger, charging head also have quick charge and the quick charge, so, cable have quick charge and what is the difference between the quick charge?

cable and no differences of quick charge and the quick charge, but there are differences in input and output current, if a data cable can only support 1 a current, even with 2 a charger to charge it, the speed will be largely suppressed, and the data cable itself also has a great harm.

specifications ( Shape)

a cable can be grown into what look like? We usually get used to the preferred official standard cable, they are always too long or too short, not entirely as desired. USB cable manufacturers think if you also complained that the cable is too single, that really blame you wrong.

the cable length is 0. 25 m to 2 m, style, didn't find it? It doesn't matter, can lift the customer give you a satisfactory answer.


from our most familiar about first, what kind of phone do you use? Different phones with cable interface is distinguishing. Like apple mobile phones from interface, ordinary android machine micro interface, and the rise in recent years, the Type - C interface, don't think you just can buy a cable must be, to the type - with apple from interface Do you want to more? Cable more trouble? USB cable manufacturers think try yituo three cable meet the android, apple, Type - at the same time The demand of C.

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