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How to identify data and charging line? ? ?

by:Richupon      2020-11-17
As cable professional engineer, I always thought that life is the most shameful thing with shanzhai electronic products. In the course of everyday use of mobile phones, however, was tortured. Especially in the use of charging line or cable, we found that all of the fake goods, and you are silly points not clear cable charging line difference. Today I'll help you deep analyze! Cable and charging line big mystery because of apple's original from cable price is higher, this makes many users had to turn to cheaper fake cable, cable or a third party. Although apple has repeatedly stressed the use of unofficial parts may cause damage to equipment, but there are still many users, in order to save money to fake online purchase cable, after all, it is really too much cheaper than the real thing. Original from apple data cable write

fake watch appearance can't identify from the wires, but you know to use images would happen cannot be recharged or recharge is very slow.

apple later launch from the Lightning outlet joined a certification chip, make the third party vendors can not be any manufacturing apple accessories, only and apple cooperation agreement will provide the official certification. Many existing in production from Lightning interface cable accessories manufacturers, these 20 data transmission speed and charging time and original from apple data cable and indifference. Where is the distinction between the two?

charging line and there is some difference in cable, data line can serve as charging line, charging line is absolutely can't be cable, of course the price also is distinguishing. Low most of the time we spend on one of the cable back and found that it can only be charging, unable to transmit data. Cable in the interview by 4 wire with a shielding layer composed of the following is the original data cable:

charging line is composed of two red and black wires is charging line is not to transmit data in the following figure:

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