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How to choose the high quality fashion cable material?

by:Richupon      2020-05-23
Now more and more on the market all kinds of cable, we are dazzling. Recently, I got from my friend - a company selling products - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Fashion data line, packing is very good-looking, a fashion bracelet cable when originally received very happy, beautiful and practical, but with less than half a month without power, glory after half a month from now on I thrown when the decoration on the surface of the table. From the point of view of consumers, a good fashion look pretty important data cable, but the quality is more important. Gen electronics is very pay attention to quality, when we receive customer orders at the same time, the first selection is very important, wire is choose gb of pure copper wire, rubber, the plug is accord with the standard association. Gen electronic use plug, salt fog has 12 h, 24 h. 48 h three, customized according to customer's standards, insertion force requirements in 5000. Electroplating require sufficient number of U. And high U products can be customized according to customer's request, good material, not casually confirmed consistent appearance. High demand for our choice of suppliers, supplier should pass engineering, qa, purchasing the screening, each vendor field investigation, finally to become our qualified suppliers, and admit, even after two times a year field trip. Raw materials come in after the qc to impose strict checking. Ensure the smooth flow of products to the production line. Ask, have in front of the strengthen controls, quality can be successful?
To that end, Richupon Industrial (Shenzhen) Company Ltd., has successfully built a solid foundation and infrastructure for custom made usb cables manufacturing.
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