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How to choose the data line?

by:Richupon      2020-08-06
One, according to choose the longest section of cable wire is the key part, is the wire. Wire from the inside of the inner core, in the middle of the shielding layer and outside constitute, each part is worth a little consideration. 1, (inner core 1) Material on the market main cable has copper wire, iron core, copper, galvanized iron core and core, the fastest while the slowest core wire charge, we suggest copper charging line. It in the transmission process of current through the current maximum 2 a, is not easy to fever danger, is the ideal filling material. ( 2) Number charge for five minutes, talking two hours is a lot of people's demand, filling quantity can also speed up the charge accordingly. On the market at present basically has a core line 8, 10, 12 core is optional, the faster the more the number of charging, the price also rise accordingly. Can be combined with the charging speed and on-demand option price. 2, shielding layer shielding layer is a layer of aluminum foil in external use inner core or metal mesh grid line core wrapped, can prevent mutual breakthrough and short circuit current and so on. Has single use a kind of on the market at the same time using two kinds of shielding layer, can better safeguard charging effect, the price also will be more expensive. 3, be outside is the outermost layer of the data cable, and its hardness, strength, elasticity and other properties directly affect the use feeling. At present there are mainly PVC, TPU and prepare the line three to be, have their own strengths and weaknesses, need to choose according to be fond of. 1) Referred to as 'PVC, PVC material, PVC English is a kind of relatively low polymer chemical material, because of the increased a lot in the process of synthetic additives, so early to use heavy taste. Smooth surface but is hard, not bending. Advantages: the surface is smooth, feel is comfortable faults: just received there is peculiar smell, also prone to detonation, broken skin. Don't suggest the outside is a choice. ( 2) TPE TPE material is a kind of thermoplastic elastomer material, thermoplastic, elastic, vulnerability degree are good, more than the PVC material of the unique features of avirulent insipidity. Many of the original line is also one of the material, it can be said that cable are such basic material. Advantages: thermoplastic good, feel soft, soft degree is high, non-toxic tasteless, is not quickly broken. Disadvantages: life is not long, prone to skin, yellow. ( 3) Braided wire braided wire generally use nylon for weaving, outside the TPE is on a layer of woven nylon bag again. Wear resistance and pulling resistance are improved remarkably, and compared with the PVC and TPE material significantly more resistance to pollution, increase service life. Advantages: long service life, stain resistance, resistance to pull, stronger ability to resist breaking. Because not plastic, it is not easy to appear discount winding phenomenon. Disadvantages: because outside added a layer, if the wire core choose bad is prone to the phenomenon of charging fever, more dangerous.
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