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How to choose the cable manufacturer wholesaler

by:Richupon      2021-03-09

you wholesalers in selecting cable manufacturers must see its whether is normal manufacturer, normal manufacturer have the formalities for examination and approval of relevant departments of the state, have normal annual inspection formalities at the same time, due to the electronic equipment manufacturing enterprises in recent years, as well as other related enterprise arises at the historic moment, so when the choice must pay more attention, below small make up will tell you how to choose a special cable manufacturer wholesaler.

a, whether product safety

you wholesalers in selecting cable manufacturers must see about the safety of its products, such as whether safety protection with the functions of intelligent power, some cable manufacturers to adopt new upgrade smart chip, after a full charge on cell phones can automatically power, can protect the battery charger, however, because the overcharge will cause the battery accelerated aging and affect the service life.

2, whether the price is moderate

for iOS cable can be higher wholesale prices of products, but for android cable must be to ensure that the price is moderate, wholesalers and you also want to focus on whether the cable manufacturer's product price and market are flat, because small make up often noticed that each customer in the purchase of cable to focus first on safety second price, so the wholesalers to attach importance to the significance of late price for sales.

3, whether pay attention to product humanization

wholesalers before cooperate with authentic cable manufacturers must see whether its service humanization and product is human nature, such as some cable with a new type of light, in the night when the charging is more convenient, downy lamplight do not interfere with sleep, can let customers quickly find the interface of the data line, especially some high-end customers more and more attention to humanized service, it also for later product sales has great significance.

for the professional performance of the data line by professionals to judgment, because the data line before the manufacturer cooperation must see whether the data cable surge is durable resistance, such as some cable TVS diode has a plug-in electric resistance increase in the function of the instantaneous voltage, can ensure that it does not hurt the cell phone battery to make it more durable.

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