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How to choose and buy high quality hdmi cable

by:Richupon      2020-06-21
At present, various types of hdmi cables on the market, to a certain extent, increased the difficulty of choose and buy. When we buy hdmi cable does not have an orientation, pay attention to what details, can choose the good quality cables. Because good quality hdmi cable can directly affect the play of hd effect, the connecting link of choose and buy is also very important. I don't know how to choose and buy friends can have a look at this article, can help you. The choose and buy hdmi cable need to pay attention to the following: 1, the thickness of hdmi cables. When buying any brand of HDMI cable, can choose the HDMI line is too thin, is because of the wire core material and shielding layer thickness can affect the quality of the signal, and the line of small diameter wire, the wire core and the quality of the shield. 2, the length of the HDMI cable. The actual transmission interval of 10 - HDMI cable 15 meters, and we didn't need the length in use, before buying to measure the length of the good you need, in addition to set aside about 50 cm margin. 3, the size of the HDMI interface. HDMI interface has scale, mini mouth mouth. Restricted by volume, average high-definition HDMI interface on the MP4 is miniature, so in this kind of choose and buy HDMI cable to choose 'scale - mini HDMI wire, otherwise. 4, HDMI wire bending straight. To see whether the wire can be folded in half when buy or bending phenomenon, in case of damage to the line of wire core or shielding layer, at the same time also pay special attention to in the process of use, must be along the arc bending, avoid excessive bending damage of cable wire. 5, the brightness of the gold-plated interface. Generally high quality HDMI cable, its interface is 24 k gold-plated, because it can effectively solve the problem of plug after repeatedly call waiting poor contact, lest, the phenomenon of the signal is bad, affect image quality. 6, the HDMI version. We have a common main. 2 and 1. 3 two versions of the HDMI cable, compared with 1. 2 version of the HDMI cable, 1. 3 versions of the HDMI line has a higher bandwidth, more can meet the high rate respectively, the refresh rate and color depth, support more than 1080 p video hd broadcast. 1. 4 versions of the wire to 1. 3 version supported by the higher resolution, and support for the latest 3 d function, is more advantageous to make home theater, output high quality 3 d effect.
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