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How to choose and buy high quality cable

by:Richupon      2020-11-24

with the continuous development of mobile phone industry, mobile phone brand also more, sales also more and more big, also have different quality on the market of cable, all kinds of various interface cable, dazzle you. But you know what kind of cable is high quality cable?

our company main cable production, research and development, sales of 8 years of experience, so we explain how to choose and buy high quality cable for you:

1, we start to check its quality, from the appearance look injection interface surface, it can see the quality of injection molding with rubber, if appear uneven deformation, there is not have crack on the surface of light is very dark this cable is relatively poor, looks very beautiful, good quality cable surface without any marks, surface gloss, rich is better quality.

2, and see if the metal head is rusty phenomenon, jack have deformation, and the interface inside any glue or you will damage your charger.

3, is the line depends on the quality of the surface printing not clear, wire surface roughness has a grain of sand is more bad of the wire, and then can be 180 ° swing up and down to see dozens of times to fracture lines, and generally good quality cable is no scar this swing a few times.

4, conditions allow can also try to give their mobile phone charge for electricity, can see the charge, and then in the process of charging will touch a offline hot hot. Figure a poor quality of figure 2 good quality

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