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How to choose and buy a durable high quality headphone cables

by:Richupon      2020-11-03

cable is about mobile phone boxes low sense objects. But in normal times, it is stable to use the same so important, how to choose cable? The cable manufacturer to give you details:

1. Length

most people like to buy a longer cable, so that you can from the table to the bed, playing video games while charging.

but in fact, the longer the data cable, the line impedance, the greater the current loss. So actually shorter cable, only the charging efficiency is higher. At the same time, the long cable can also affect the rate of data transmission.

so, generally choose the length of 1 meter is more appropriate.

2。 Wire

first of all, the data line in two parts, one is internal 'wire', one is the external insulation 'skin'.

the internal wire as thick as possible, because the wire is coarse, can through the current, the greater the charge the faster.

good quality cable will also add a layer of aluminum foil shielding layer and the metal weaving nets, let the charging process is more stable. So, generally good cable will be relatively coarse.

but does not rule out some unscrupulous cell phone cable manufacturers, deliberately 'camouflage' themselves as good cable, cable wire inside the quality is very poor, just simply do insulation skin is very thick.

so, can't just look at this one standard, can only say that is not necessarily good, thick cable and too thin cable is not good. And the life of the general plastic wrapping is short, if you wish to durable some, can choose the nylon braided cable.

3。 Interface

interface of the data cable is mainly composed of shell and contact. Now the data line will be on the contact plate coated with a layer of a text, to prolong the life of the cable plug, avoid contact oxidation transport is not stable. And good quality cable, gold plating thickness is generally thick, and the general cable in general is relatively thin.

so you can do a reference according to the coating thickness, gold-plated influence on charging speed is actually, just solve the problem of stability and longevity.

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