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How to better to avoid the problem of cable damage

by:Richupon      2021-03-15

cable in use in the process of how to better to avoid the problem of cable damage? Take you look at the following usb cable manufacturers.

1, spring the interface is used for protection

it is known to all the ends of the cable interface of the actual needs, frequent and recharge my mobile phone and keep close contact, through long-term use of these two interface parts easy to appear poor contact failure. Has yet to appear in the mobile cable fault before main ball-point pen above spring can be fixed on the phone two joints to protect the interface of the data cable, and this technique with high feasibility and suffer the praise highly of many owners.

2, use tape to protect the interface

in addition to being able to use spring to protect mobile phone interface cable, the owner can also be used in the interface area around certain tape to reduce the probability of failure data line. But the skills of the reducing cell phone cable failure has a downside is that will affect the overall aesthetic of the data line, and the use of a period of time may also appear tape off the embarrassing situation.

3, above the cable hose

headphone cables is a failure in addition to related to the improper operation, the quality of the data line itself and make materials if not up to standard can also cause failure. So for those who are relatively soft phone cable machine Lord can be set on a hose, partly for the buffer data cable by bending force can have the effect of ease.

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