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How to better prevent cable break it

by:Richupon      2020-11-25

data appeared in the process of using the broken, then what is the cause of cable, this happens? How should solve? Take you know about the usb cable manufacturer.

1。 Heavily armed

for USB cable is easy to break, such as micro - The USB line, we can use tube set up, like the image below. Online outside another layer of protection that the hose is broken can be in again, this can prolong the service life of the cable.

2。 Be together the spool

if the home equipment cable, charging line very much, they can be bound together, of course, premise condition is the equipment of the charger all in one place.

3。 Using some creative accessories

for a few more fine lines, such as apple, from cable AppleWatch charging line, we can use some creative accessories, like some netizens are using lego, put the cable in the toy's hand, not only look beautiful, but also can avoid cause damage because of the distortion.

4。 Ballpoint pen spring

this is the most common method, many iPhone users will use this method to protect equipment cable, as long as the ball-point pen ink out set of the joint position in the data cable, so, to some extent can avoid connector for pulling cause damage.

5。 Use heat shrinkable tube

and the ball-point pen spring, heat shrinkable tube can also avoid apple because often pulling cable joint and cause damage, in addition, if the cable joint position has a bulge phenomenon, heat shrinkable tube cracking due to bulge and also can avoid the wires, method is simple, is to use heat shrinkable tube set in the position of the joint, and then heated, the heat shrinkable tube will automatically contraction, then wrapped in a fragile joint position.

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