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How to better deal with waste data on-line?

by:Richupon      2020-11-27

for cable has eliminated should be how to better handle won't bring inconvenience to our life? Take you look at the following usb cable manufacturers.

a, for looks very new, or also use value you can do it:

1. Receive a case or the rope tied up so that make these to discard data line look tidy, people look at is also comfortable.

2。 Can choose with your existing equipment general, each distribution in different parts of a ( Such as office, often carrying bags, home and car, etc. )

3。 Can donates friends or relatives, or released in second-hand BBS, to those in need.

2, for the broken and outdated, no use value of the data cable, you can do it:

1. You can show it to collect scrap vendor. Cable throw will pollute the environment is also a kind of waste.

2, if it is in the near future the broken cable, see if during the warranty period, looking for merchants to repair or change new.

3。 Friends understand technology, can be abandoned extension cable DIY into intact cable to use. Tip: a non-professional, this operation is not recommended.

three, can when the bands or can make small crafts, can either recycling and decorate the alveolus, not be the best of both worlds?

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