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How to avoid the choose and buy new cable can't charge

by:Richupon      2020-05-26
Believe there are a lot of people have such experience: the cable is broken, change a new cable clearly shows that charge, but the along while have dissatisfaction with electric charge, had mobile phones and even a small amount of electricity, the results of a charge, is can't open the phone. So, talk about cable color change, see not with fear in virtually. Is most people's pursuit of low prices, but is a great variety of products on the market, led to people who can't identify what kind of cable is the best choice. Cable manufacturers, however, tell you, as long as to master the effective method can choose a high quality cable for himself, to avoid the above situation: 1, the process of the data line protectors on the market at present there are mainly three types of process: it is made from plastic shell; 2 it is to hard plastic as material, through hot melt welding made the shell; Three is to use high fiber nylon as material, through weaving. Braid cable, tensile strength and better than the previous two, not only strong and durable, prolong the service life of the cable, but also to protect data in the interface control chip. 2, wire the difference between pure copper wire resistance is small, can greatly improve the charging efficiency of the data line. 3, the interface problem, as you know, the general interface of the data cable is the worst place at both ends. Aluminum materials can effectively avoid the phenomenon. Cable manufacturers, therefore, remind, pay special attention to when buying cable interface is made of aluminum alloy materials.
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