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How to avoid the cable broken problems

by:Richupon      2020-11-24

cable in the process of using fracture problem how to better to avoid it? Take you look at the following usb cable manufacturers.

first, proper plus pipe sleeve

in order to prevent the cable is in use process influenced by external factors, the android cable manufacturer said can add a tube on the cable properly set, so it can guarantee the activities of the data line and space to reduce, can only be used in pipe set of activities within the limited space, so by adding pipe sleeve can effectively prevent the cable faults can also protect the use of the data cable can last longer.

second, try not to right-angle bend when using the

due to the cable sheath is rubber material and easy appear aging phenomenon, called the android cable manufacturer can avoid the skin appear wear away the phenomenon of or broken, try not to let in the process of using bent or right Angle cable port at present phenomenon, the phenomenon of right-angle bend is very easy for cable breaking and can also lead to can't normal charge.

to reduce as far as possible when the third, charging pressure of two port

android cable manufacturer said when recharged to try to reduce the pressure of two ports, many users are let cable hanging mobile phone directly in charge or coarse explode when pull plug, because the two port for a long time in the course of the recharged heats up so often frequent damage of heat bilges cold shrink. Thus ends in use process should pay attention to reduce the use of pressure, avoid or pull of gravity cause damage.

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