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How much do you know mobile phone cable knowledge?

by:Richupon      2020-07-29
In the 21st century, mobile phones have become indispensable to our life electronic products, tablet devices such as also began to spread, recharge them becomes particularly important, so the cable will not small, but when charging the most headache is slowing the charging rate, the possibility of charging and slow down your speed is precisely what do you think of the most humble headphone cables. Why is that? Actually this headphone cables have knowledge greatly, take a look at below! Careful friends may find that using different mobile speed of data transfer files is quite different, different cable charging speed also has difference, even seriously affect the normal use of mobile phone cable, this is we need to know the difference between different cable. The difference between a: excellent headphone cables can be in 2. 1 a stable current charging, charging too fast! The difference between two: shanzhai mobile phone data cable can only provide 0. 64 a charging current, charging, slow! Difference between the three: use inferior mobile phones data line can't normal recognition, not to mention rechargeable electronic! Difference between four: inferior headphone cables cannot provide high-speed file transfers, let people wait too impatient! In addition, the vast majority of cases, the inside of the cell phone cable wires are: red for positive, black for negative, green and white for the cable, the external shielding layer for ground. Red and black two lines for charging, white green line is responsible for data transmission, the shielding layer is to provide a more stable connection. Standard headphone cables inside have red, black and white and green four lines, high copy of the data cable only copy the appearance and no internal, although very thick wire diameter, but internal copper wire is very thin, seriously affect the charging speed, this kind of product is shoddy, more be undesirable businessman replace replace original cable. High quality mobile phone outer cable shielding layer, two points are called a very price goods, cable also have high-end products, for low item value products, high-end cable should be the cheapest luxury, but most users still use fewer, only enthusiasts and fans will buy. Overall, although small, but the phone wires or need our attention, to choose a good headphone cables could save a lot of trouble, also can let the recharge and transfer files worry a lot, finally we still remind you, need to purchase a cell phone when the data cable must choose place with brand and after-sale protection, avoid penny wise, pound foolish.
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