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How do consumers choose and buy mobile phone data line?

by:Richupon      2020-07-16
Headphone cables are common, buy a mobile phone is equipped with, but one can say not enough use, a home, office, charging treasure, will take at least three, if home room and car may need a few more roots. Critical time enough to buy, open taobao buy but don't know which good? Many people say directly buy original bai, but the original price is so high, there are cheaper but good praise and high sales look also pretty good, and more designs. So how to choose? See mobile phone cable quality. Because the cable quality is closely related to the realization of the function of mobile phone, so it is very important to choose a good quality cable. Generally when the choose and buy, should pay attention to the following three aspects: 1. Cable manufacture craft: the market to find the cable production process about the following three kinds: one kind is small workshops of products, is a plastic shell split; The second case with hard plastic material, by hot melt welding; The third is the use of high-fiber nylon as material, through the woven. Braid cable, strong and durable, so tensile strength is much better than the other two, it is of great help to prolong the life of the cable. In addition to data in the interface control chip also to have certain protective effect. The distinction between the conductor material. Pure copper wire core resistance small, can improve the efficiency of the data cable charging, so when selecting a mobile phone cable must choose pure copper core cable materials. The problem of the interface. We all know that most cable bad place is at the ends of the interface, so the interface is important when choosing data cable. Must see clear interface is aluminum alloy material. Because aluminum alloy materials can effectively avoid the oxidation rust effect use. Adopt high grade TPE fixed-line joints, it is strong and durable.
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