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How best to prolong the service life of the cable?

by:Richupon      2020-11-26

cable in the process of using it to extend the service life is very important, so are the common working methods? About the small make up take you know about the usb cable manufacturer.

a, do not insert the

cable manufacturers, reminding for android phones can not reverse thrust, otherwise easy to cause damage, because the cable vulnerable part of USB interface and mobile phone interface and cross section data interface, especially in the strong when the plug will not only lead to mobile tail plug is damaged, and the cable end can crack, charging for other mobile phones may have error.

2, don't mess around

special cable manufacturer after practice and a lot of market survey found that many people habit will be around cable, but its storage method is different with the headset, headphones in idle when you just need to use to receive tools winding, but because of cable spent a long long and thick, if messy winding may lead to breaking the copper and the charging function is impaired.

three, not placed in high temperature environment

due to the cable during the charging process and the need for cooling, especially cable manufacturer for gm and compatibility of products may be heat slightly larger, cable manufacturers, at this time if it is placed in high temperature environment, will inevitably reduce the service life of the cable, such as during the winter when you place the cable in electric heater side or warm hands treasure near the damage.

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