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Hooking techniques of choose and buy raw materials

by:Richupon      2020-11-17

cable in the process of selecting the raw material with the knowledge and the skill is everybody must understand? For this problem bring you know about the usb cable manufacturer.

a, see plug terminal plating:

1. Beautiful

2. Protection: extend the life of the products, in the products surface of corrosion resistant materials

3. Special surface properties

A. Improve products conductivity

B. Improve products weldability

C. To improve the light reflective

D. Reducing the contact impedance

4. Mechanical or engineering properties

A. Increasing the intensity of products

B. Improve the lubricity of product

C. Increase the hardness and wear resistance

D. Improve the products of heat resistance, weather resistance, radiation resistance

E. Prevent carburizing, nitriding

2, plug terminal materials influence the:

1. Conductivity - Minimum material resistance

2. Ductility - Help terminal shape

3. Yield strength - Within the elastic range can have large displacement

4. The stress relaxation - Terminal in the long time stress or when used in high temperature, resisting load capacity can still maintain a

5. Hardness - Reduce wear terminal metal

the conductivity of the pure copper terminals is very good, but the poor mechanical strength and heat resistance. When adding alloying elements of pure copper, because of difference of atomic size blocked or attenuation caused by electronic transfer process.

too copper is high strength material but its conductivity.

phosphor bronze and phosphor copper, good elasticity, toughness is strong.

beryllium copper with high strength, high elasticity, high toughness characteristics, but deviation conductivity.

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