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High quality USB2. 0 cable has those characteristics?

by:Richupon      2020-05-21
A common USB2. 0 USB2 cable and high quality. 0 data comparison, the same is the appearance about the same, don't see what is unusual, different is its intrinsic, use is what material, material and workmanship can determines the quality of the line quality high and low, so a lot of things have to look inside, appearance is not fully determine its quality alone height, imitation of real too much, now can only use data analysis to determine, so take a look at quality of USB2. 0 cable has the characteristics of! ! ! ! High quality USB cable description: USB head material of pure copper, plating looks good, will not rust, no corrosive action on metals, and destructive gases. ( 2) 45 p black injection appearance, use PVC, environmental protection rubber, exterior brightness is good, No fog, shrinkage, deformation, stain wire quality analysis: outside the wire was 60 p use PVC environmental protection rubber, rubber wire all copper rated temperature: 80 ° C rated voltage: 300 v standards: UL758, UL1581 and CSA C22, 2, No. 210. 2 use 32 - conductors 16 awg single root or twisted bare copper or tin plated copper wire through the UL VW - 1 and CSA Ft1 vertical flammability test lead-free PVC insulation insulation thickness, easy peeling and cutting test report analysis: one end of the data into the computer, the other end meet applicable machine, computer disk can don't to the machine, and will test file transfers between the disk and the computer, data transmission from machine is normal.
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