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Headset manufacturers share cleaning line of small coup

by:Richupon      2020-10-26

ear opportunity often use, so the cables also will become dirty, so your headphones to wash to not be affected? Cables and cleaning tips occasionally, but it also depends on the extent of the cables dirty, if the yellow point, it would be very difficult to clean, so friends also want to learn to headphones line daily cleaning, such ability can let the headset has kept clean, cables manufacturer today small make up today also brought a few small coup, about cleaning your headphones come together and have a look.

a, cleaning methods:

1, soap water, take a small piece of soap, melting with warm water, then use cotton theater a few solution to wipe your headphones, and then with a dry towel dry, of course, also can be put in dry clean the rice several hours. Note: do not clean interfaces.

2, toothpaste, squeeze a little toothpaste, mix a small amount of water, and then use cotton cloth to wipe a little amount, suggest dry with a dry towel. Also can not clean interfaces.

3, alcohol: use cotton drops on alcohol, wipe down the cables, the natural air-dry. This method can clean interface, but alcohol to make cables ageing, time grew to harden. This method can also use wipes instead of alcohol.

4, white vinegar, use a cotton white vinegar and follow the cables to wipe. This method the taste is a little heavy, with cotton and water finally brush down. Also don't wash interface.

that's cable manufacturer small make up recommend a small way to give you clean your headphones.

however, as the saying goes, take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure. And easy to clean, maintain well our headphones as usual. Whether white or black headsets, as long as we pay attention to daily maintenance, can avoid the dirty or slow down the speed of aging. Compared with the headset cleaning method, maintenance method is simple and effective.

2, maintenance methods:

1, wear, sweat is the number one killer of wire rod, most wire oxidation are caused because of long-term exposure to the skin. If we can pay attention to the methods when wearing headphones, such as wire clip in the collar, can avoid direct contact with skin. Slow wire oxidation process.

2, save: damp air also is the enemy of the headphones, the moisture in the air can make oxidation unit mildewy, wire, especially for HiFi headphones. We often ignore the maintenance of it, take out to use for a long time will find unit or wire has been damaged. So, in the packaging to add desiccant is a once and for all.

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