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Headphone cables used for a long time will not be able to charge and transfer?

by:Richupon      2020-07-29
Believe those who have mobile phones, there are a couple of phone cable for don't need, because the vast majority of people have experienced when to recharge the phone suddenly can't charge, often has this happened, no matter how you take care of the mobile phone data cable, also can appear this kind of situation, so it is a good thing also can have went out to the old, why don't you, don't into the tube to move, the throw and throw. This kind of situation, it is best to bring a few more mobile phone cable anyway also is not very expensive, so you encounter. So happen this unhappy things don't panic, the following summary three headphone cables used for a long time will not be able to charge and transfer reasons: 1, the number of cable, plug to reach or exceed the design. Early USB plug design life for hundreds of times, is now able to reach thousands of times. Interface is easy to appear problem, the plug contact undesirable reeds, so charge it into electricity. If you use more carefully, so sure you can use for a long time; Or otherwise for the early buy spare. 2, line body bending fatigue, copper and other stuff is easy to appear the phenomenon such as broken, leading to can't charge. This kind of condition habitually bend the wire, or most likely to occur near the plug. 3, plug corrosion, can try to use alcohol cotton to wipe, with a lifesaver.
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