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Headphone cables inside why use four wire core?

by:Richupon      2020-10-26
Mobile phone has no electricity, we often want to use mobile phone cable to charge their phone, use very convenient. The inside of the data line is mainly used to charge by two copper wire, but there are four lines core cable, do you know why want to use four core line? Decryption phone cable cable factory why want to use four lines inside the core.
headphone cables and our mobile phones are inseparable, because the cell phone battery time is limited, the use of mobile phones is more electricity. So there must be a more convenient tool to recharge batteries and mobile phone can use at any time, so the data cable is the best choice. Cable charging is accomplished by the two wires inside the core, but there are four wire core cable, two of the root is used for charging, the root is used for data transmission. So mobile phone cable is has the function of charging and data transmission that is why the cause of the cable, there are four thread core.
the inside of the data line four wire core, two charging, two data transmission. Charging two wire core is more commonly, wire diameter is thick, the benefits is charging can be faster, data line, of course, in addition to charging can also transmit data, the other two is used to transfer files, pictures, etc. Different data cable gauge is not the same, but one thing is the same data line, there are four lines is all cable core.
how to identify the quality of the data cable is good or bad?
1, the plug, good plug are generally made of integration technology, do manual work is delicate, exquisite and durable, insulation layer is soft, cooperate closely with the wiring harness, the metal plug clean and shiny.
2, see the soft-core, good basic it is to use pure copper wire core data line, outsourcing with aluminum foil and metal weaving nets, resistance to electromagnetic interference shielding, and the more the number of copper wire, the faster recharge.
3, wire rod, TPE material is softer than PVC material, the durability is better. And TPE material with high elasticity, high strength, and has the characteristics such as plastic injection molding processing, TPE cable made of durable material.
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