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HDMI hd main use function classification and cable

by:Richupon      2020-08-18
HDMI, the HDMI English full name is 'HighDefinitionMultimedia', Chinese mean high-definition multimedia interface. HDMI can provide up to 5 GBPS data transmission bandwidth, can transmit compressed audio signal and high resolution video signal. Without before signals or/model/type c cable custom number transformation, can guarantee delivery of the highest quality video signal. HDMI and DVI compatible on pins, only adopted different encapsulation. Compared with DVI HDMI can transmit digital audio signal, and an increase in support for HDCP, at the same time provides better DDC optional features. Application: are the benefits of HDMI, only need a HDMI cable can transmit video signals at the same time, not now require multiple wire to connect; At the same time, because wireless for or/d/a conversion, can obtain higher quality of audio and video transmission. For consumers, HDMI technology can not only provide clear picture quality, and the adoption of the same audio/video cable, greatly simplifies the installation of a home theater system. 1, the Internet line: can only be used for GPRS CDMA1X or surf the Internet. Typical models: V730 series; V688 series; PHS series. 2, flash line: can be used to upgrade flash. Typical models: benq S700; Upgrade to unlock a line. 3, synchronous line: used to transfer the phone book; Picture the bell; SMS; The USB3 multimedia data. 0 cable manufacturer, of course, part is the two-way transmission, partial support only one-way transmission. This kind of cable is common. 4, charging line: general is Internet access in synchronous line or add a USB charging function, practical convenience, the Internet and text essential functions. Can be further subdivided into take charge and take charge switch two kinds, the former one in charge, the latter has a small switch, can control whether charging. With electric switch of the highest level, of course, the price also more expensive. Recommend a type: CDMA Internet series; Siemens 3508 series. 5, multifunctional line: at the same time support Internet, synchronization, flash, charging, etc. The function of two or more than two, samsung's new line and the dual interface, USB sync on the Internet; Serial flash.
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