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Five factors to let you no longer use fake data line

by:Richupon      2020-05-26
Cable manufacturers tell you today the cause of the fake data cable can't use 1. Slow currently on the market some fake battery line, the current is not very stable, very easy to consume battery life. 2. Transmission speed is slow, in fact, the line will also affect the length of the transmission speed. And within the scope of a certain length, the length of the cable with good quality impact on the transfer rate is not big. But some fake charging line on the market only two cores, use for a long time can appear even cable fever, cause potential safety hazard. 3. Thrum brittle and broken it is a lot of people experience, thread, fault are easily damaged, such as leather material inferior, line core overheating, repeatedly plug and volume line for a long time. It is recommended to choose and buy when, had better choose the fine craftsmanship. Because of good data line is wrapped with a woven net, tin plating, high purity copper foil shield collocation, in improving charging and data rate at the same time, greatly reduce the heat loss. 4. Long hard not carry fake appearance design of the data line, you can see that the length is too long curl easily, it is difficult to receive and carry. Order to save the cost, in addition, some shanzhai makers choose cheap materials make line skin texture, cable manufacturer told everyone in use for a period of time after the data line can harden, lead to charge. 5. Current unstable burning hardware shanzhai due to provide data cable current is not stable, can destroy important chip in the phone. The chip is responsible for the control of charging voltage, the power button, USB function, etc. After destruction, cell phone will not be able to boot.
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