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DC wire common sense

by:Richupon      2020-12-02

electronic line consists of a conductor, insulation, shielding layer and shelter four parts.

( 1) Conductor is conductive part of electronic wire cable conductor winding UL1185DC supply line, used to transport electricity, is an important part of the cable.

( 2) Insulation insulation layer of the conductor and earth as well as the different sheet on electrical isolated between conductor coil UL1185DC wire manufacturer, guarantee the electric power transmission, is the cable layout can not constitute a part of the poor.

( 3) Ordinary shield 15 kv and above, there is a conductor shielding layer and the insulating shield.

( 4) Asylum asylum protection layer is the value of electronic line electricity from the impurities and moisture intrusion, and prevent the external force damage power cable directly.

electronic line full name generally more complex winding UL1185DC line, so people to use a simple name, The general is a class name) Even specifications to replace the complete name, such as' low voltage cable '0. 6/1 kv level of all plastic insulated power cable.

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