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Buy USB3. 1 Type-The point of C data line

by:Richupon      2020-07-12
Gen electronics co. , LTD. , in early 2016 formally USB3 open mould design. 1 Type-C data cable, to meet the Type - C, the big market for each cable manufacturer or customer is a very good opportunity, but no one know USB3. 1 Type-C it features, the definition of the following and see it together. USB 1。 1, 2. 0 and 3. 0 and 3. 1 is a USB specification, the specification was sponsored by companies such as Intel. USB 2。 The biggest transmission bandwidth of 480 megabits per second (0 The 60 MB/s) And the USB 3. The biggest transmission bandwidth is as high as 5 0. 0Gbps( 625MB/s) 。 USB 3。 1 is the latest USB specification. Compared with the existing USB technology, the new USB technology USES a more efficient data coding system, and provide more than double the valid data throughput, reached 10. 0Gbps( 1. 3 gb / s) It is fully backwards compatible existing USB connector and cable. In simple terms, the USB 3. 1 means faster transmission speed, the power is higher. But the USB 3. 1 there are a lot of interface type. About the USB 3. Need to know the following: 1, USB 3. 1 compatible with existing USB3. 0 software protocol stack and equipment, 5 GBPS, USB hub and equipment 2. 0 products. 2,USB 3。 1 contains the USB 3. Most of the features of 0. 3,USB 3。 1 as the next generation of USB transmission specifications, commonly referred to as 'SuperSpeed +', will be in the future instead of USB 3. 0. 4、USB 3。 1 interface under the power of the highest standard sharply increased to 20 v / 5 a ( Limited to the Type - A/B) , can provide up to 100 w power output capacity. And the Type - C of the highest standard of 12 v / 3 a, 36 w charging capacity is enough some light thin laptop use, this also is the new Type - dare to abandon MagSafe and adopted As an important reason of the charging interface C.
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