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Be careful with the charging cable plug into the socket is best opportunity to directly explode!

by:Richupon      2020-11-02

beware! The charging cable plug into the socket directly, mobile phone may explode! Now many people installed in the USB socket.


this convenient can use USB socket? A family to decorate when do you want to choose, do you want to use? According to the principle of electricity socket, USB socket is not currently can't use, but be careful, standardization of land use. Professionals said: socket with USB interface from the outside as if is one of the traditional lug plate + USB interface, but in fact is not so simple.

if you may find a bit more careful, in addition to the mainframe computers, laptops and other devices on the USB interface, we use daily cable charging for mobile phones and other electronic products, are connected to the power of the big or small adapter, also is commonly known as the plug in the daily, converter, or charge.

cable + plug, it can form a complete mobile phone charger. So from the fundamental principle of charging, cable with plug connection, cooperate with the recharge cell phones or electronic products. If the charging socket directly connected with the USB interface cable, cell phone is equivalent to the power adapter into the lug plate. This is known as the USB socket. But in fact, their difference is quite big, two thrust line charging ways, separated both the voltage 215 v, also separates the two state ', 'ac or dc.

it carefully - — Ordinary lug plate internal voltage of 220 v, output is alternating current (ac), is the primary circuit; And USB interface directly with the mobile phone connection, voltage 5 v or less, the output is the direct current (dc), is a secondary circuit. If must implement use USB interface to charge directly, in theory can only put the transformer and rectifier implanted lug plate together, the whole lug plate looks no problem, but after insert the cable security risk will improve greatly. So based on security considerations, it is better to use less as far as possible USB charging socket. Of course, not absolute can't use. The most important thing is to buy to meet the national standards, a USB power adapter mandatory product certification. If home already bought the USB socket first will check carefully whether the socket on the CCC authentication marks. Then the Internet search notification on USB socket is unqualified products, see if it includes your home is to use, if unfortunately the effects, quickly replaced the lug plate, installation of the wall socket is sure to please the professional electrician to replace. Want to buy or install the USB socket to actually see entity shop, check carefully whether the socket on the CCC authentication marks, at the same time see socket identifier, such as specifications, model is consistent with the specification. Confirm '3 packets' proof, ask for bill and make a brand model.

if must online shopping, more need to polish eyes, be sure to see the CCC certification and all kinds of specifications.

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