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Basic steps multimeter measure the USB cable

by:Richupon      2020-06-15
Most people in the use of USB cable, all want to know the composition of the data cable, and in general people know USB cable of the power supply line, the red for the power of positive, black for the power of the cathode. But completely based on color to determine the role of each line in the USB cable is not scientific and unsafe, the safest way is to use a multimeter to measure. USB cable is composed of four lines, at least, that is, is the power cord, the power cord anode, data transmission is positive, negative transfer of data. Therefore, to find out the role of each with USB cable, distinguish each thread, the result is the most accurate is measured with a multimeter. The following cable manufacturer in shenzhen tell you specific measuring steps. Step one: first multimeter knob screw to resistance. Step 2: the black test pen touch metal parts of the USB cable head, red pen USB cable of the gold finger touch touch or pin. Step three: resistance to zero feet, can judge the power cord to the cathode. Step four: insert the cable USB port of the equipment. Step 5: multimeter knob screw to dc voltage. Step 6: black pen point is sure the power cord, red table respectively contact other data pins, voltage can be identified as the power cord to the anode. But it is worth noting that the careful not to form a short circuit during the real-time measurement. Above is the cable manufacturer in shenzhen to introduce, hope will be helpful to you.
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