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Bad data line cannot provide stable transmission and quick charge

by:Richupon      2020-05-26
Cell phones have become indispensable to our life electronic products, tablet devices such as also began to spread, recharge them becomes especially important. When charging the most headache is extremely slow so the speed of charging, charging and slow down your speed is perhaps the most obscure data cables. The choose and buy a high quality data is particularly important, in order to avoid in the critical moment off the chain! The vast majority of cases, the inside of the cable wires are: red for positive, black for negative, green and white for the cable, the external shielding layer for ground. Red and black two lines for charging, white green line is responsible for data transmission, the shielding layer is to provide a more stable connection. Although different appearance looks little different from that of the data cable, and there does exist a big gap to different cable internal, will largely affect the use of the user. Good cables can be normal recognition for USB2. 0, to faster transfer files, and inferior cable will be identified as USB1. 0, transmission speed is very slow, some can't even identify fake cable to the phone. In addition, the data contrast difference, we through the actual test to find out if the use effect of different cables. Mobile phone battery 20%, use the same charger to charge, can achieve 2 good cable. 1 a charging current, while fake data cable can only reach 1. 25 of current, charging speed only half of the data cable, this will double charge time, low efficiency. So, inferior cable cannot provide stable transmission and quick charge, please select a normal manufacturer production data.
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