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Your headphones manufacturers share mobile phone headset winding small coup

by:Richupon      2020-10-26

now use a mobile phone can use headphones to listen to music to see video, but messy cables have a headache. Here are your headphones manufacturers teach you several winding tips, let your headset from then on, just like with the float soft smooth.

1。 Ox horn type winding method

imitating Jacky cheung first made a orchid gestures, such your index finger and little finger is outstretched, bring earplugs line in the form of '8' word entanglement between two fingers, let headphones head through the jack fixed tightly. Completely can be done by hand, this method does not need any special tools, the result is right also, but users need to do some practice to master.

2。 Binders and winding method

binders is a kind of office supplies, everybody happy they are in addition to the file finishing neatly, even the headset will not let go. The ear receiver with clip clip first, and then around the clip wire winding the handles. This method can not only shorten the ear plugs line, also can easily put it directly on such as bags, clothing and other items, quite flexible. The only drawback is the clip is too big, may be stuck in your pocket.

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