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Yituo three common cable and use

by:Richupon      2020-11-30

use yituo three cable for two or three mobile phone charging at the same time, is will affect the charging effect ( Speed) General cable will not use coarse because of wire, charging current is big, so would have a voltage drop on the wire, for mobile phone charging current will be smaller.

at the same time, several interface using yituo three cable for charging the mobile phone is ok, but so charging speed may be affected, but also for charging head very bad, every product has its certain way and the life, the use of use way and different load increase would make it shorten the using period, two or three cell phone charging at the same time, be sure to use 2. More than 0 a charging head, or charging head will overload fever, could destroy charging head, had a lot of friends, because not know the damage to the charge of the head.

is it safe to yituo three cable

don't use yituo three wires, a feed port of the current three mobile phones, will cause and voltage instability, the main will cause damage to the cell phone battery, yituo three influential to the speed of charging, charging and also has asked for charging head, even if you need yituo three cable, when you buy must buy 2. More than 0 a charging head, otherwise will damage the charging head.

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