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Wound phone charging ways

by:Richupon      2020-11-29

phone which forms in the process of charging the injured cell phone? About the small make up take you know about the usb cable manufacturer.

1, charging while playing mobile:

to play games, watch TV, brush weibo or reading a novel, can let a person hard to stop from the start. Don't want to interrupt when mobile phone electricity shortage, then plug in the charger to charge while playing mobile phone, this is very hurt a way of charging of mobile phones.

charging while playing, making mobile phone in charge at discharge again at the same time, easy to hot. So for a long time, can seriously affect the service life of mobile phone battery and circuit board. In addition, if using the charger is inferior or aging, doing so may cause an explosion.

2, mobile phone battery ran out before filling

you may also have such experience, mobile phone will shut down after 30 seconds to get a charger for mobile phone. Many people thought that mobile phone battery ran out of charge was correct charging ways, in fact is wrong!

before the battery has a memory function, need to let your battery run out charge to let it keep in mind that the size of the cell phone battery capacity. Now the lithium battery is no function of memory, do not need to wait until run out of electricity charge. Mobile phone the best charging time is in power the remaining 30% About 50%, this period is the battery relatively stable period as a whole. Using a computer USB charging

this is one of the most frequently used way of charging for office workers. In the mobile phone is power off, the company has been inserted in the USB interface of a computer with USB data cable, connect mobile phone charge. But it's very hurt a mobile phone.

computer USB interface of the current is very unstable, with the use of computers and strong and the weak, it will damage the cell panels of ion power, shorten the service life of mobile phone battery.

3, under the environment of high temperature for charging the mobile phone

high temperature to the mobile phone battery damage is permanent. Charge under high temperature environment, if the mobile phone also set has the following, as it is difficult to heat, the temperature reaches a certain height, can cause permanent damage to the phone, such as lithium ion battery capacity will be permanent.

many people under the environment of high temperature charging all don't know it. Such as summer travel, mobile phone has no electricity just take out the charging treasure charging, charging treasure with mobile phone in hand, exposure in the sun. In addition, the cold weather in winter, when the fire or enabling other electric heating equipment beside the charging, as is charge under high temperature environment.

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