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With the original data line charge, have an impact on mobile phone?

by:Richupon      2020-05-20
With the original data cable charge, have an impact on mobile phone? 1, the line of words is no relationship, as long as you can plug in the charging line, the key lies in the charger is not in a line. 2, if you use the original rechargeable head, it might damage the battery: mobile phone charger output, most of them is 5 v and 1 a, 5 v represents the charger can output stable dc voltage, 1 a refers to the current of the output, if you use the original charger, the output current is too large or too small, easy to damage the battery. 3, suggest it is best to use the original charger, if you want to use the original package, also please use the select adapter current input again. But the cable generally not required.
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