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Wireless charging, cell phone data cables will be eliminated?

by:Richupon      2020-06-18
Mobile phone everywhere, some people even have a few units, what is the most afraid of things away? Is no electricity, the battery is not durable, although now have a mobile power supply charging treasure, but go to prepare a mobile power supply, and a cell phone cable is quite troublesome. But the recent reports of wireless charging forthcoming, just don't rely on the charger, through the magnetic field for mobile devices, etc. I do not know if you hear an excited, away from home more convenient. Wireless charging, in theory, users can use WiFi, in place to provide wireless charging charging anytime and anywhere. Wireless charging more security than traditional charger, because there is no charging interface, so natural to avoid the leakage problems. Because of wireless charging accorded with the demand of consumer, at present, the existing intelligent mobile phones launch of wireless charging. The personage inside course of study thinks, wireless charging will be the future development trend. However, the development of wireless charging technology there is still a bottleneck. Under the condition of existing technology, the wireless charging of mobile phones on the market are mostly only charge on wireless charging base, there are users even argue that it is better to use this charger is convenient. Wireless charging system energy conversion rate is not high, the loss is bigger, easy to cause waste of electric power. In addition, the charging efficiency is not high enough. At present, some line equipment in the fast charging mode, the filling can be filled with 60% of the battery in 30 minutes, while charging efficiency of wireless charging equipment, a full charge tend to need more than 3 hours of time. Therefore, there is also a expert thinks, charging equipment whether the charger is not important, the charging efficiency is king. For now, just 'look good' wireless charging equipment, and consumer expectations still far, difficult to replace the cable charging equipment. But with the development of technology, remote wireless charging equipment once achieved, high-efficiency charging, will really into the lives of consumers, create new consumption hotspot, detonate a huge market. But it was a few years can't replace the generation of charging mobile phone cable.
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