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Why there are points 1 a and 2 a phone cable?

by:Richupon      2020-06-04
Mobile phone data cable as 1 a and 2 a, refers to the size of a mobile phone charging current respectively. As we all know, save in the mobile phone battery power after use, it need to charge to use again. Don't charge can no longer continue to use. We all have experience, today's society, we are living in a fast-paced and high efficiency in the realistic society. In this way, the mobile phone is power off, it is urgent need phone call, or check the information, etc. At this time, you'll be charging the mobile phone as soon as possible. Try so hard to use, such as more power, more durable. Now see the commercials on network phone cable, charging 2 hours, how many how many minutes, call essence is quick charge and durable. Mobile phone one of biggest function of the data cable, and is charging. 1 a is 1, current, 2 is 2 a current. 2 a current greater than 1 a current, at the same time, must be a large current, to achieve rapid filling to the big power.
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