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Why the iphone X, fruit are most concerned about or cable?

by:Richupon      2020-12-01

the year on November 3, IPhoneX launch, it was a double tenth, cut your hand? Small make up is not, after all, the IPhone6S at hand is still strong, quick to praise me! ! ! ! ! ! ! Apple mobile phone itself quality is very good, but a lot of fruit are don't know how to change the root reaction is cable, and the original is not durable, don't know what to buy what kind of right.

small make up thought or tender for it too, but it is the delicate than Lin sister ah ~ so, compared to mobile phone, you may need more of is a root of the data line. Apple store in China, the price of a piece of apple's original cable is 149 yuan. Open your zero wallet, counting enough to buy a few? Fans may have experienced such a question: why the iPhone original data cable to sell so expensive? Search on a treasure, the data line to buy 9 9 package mail shall not be, but to choose a good brand, ErSanShiKuai SiWuShiKuai not as able to well! With what your apple a data cable, have to sell 149 yuan? ! Because pure, bringing the royal attribute? Yeah! Otherwise? Apple's position in each of the original cable connectors, has an apple set, used to 'own' qualification authentication chip, each time the iOS upgrade, apple lighting line interface chip set password will also upgrade, immediately without MFi certification of cable failure. And, apart from apple, all of the other company want to produce apple accessories, must be in - — MFI certification! Apple MFi certification, is authorized to its apple accessories manufacturers external parts of a logo licensing. For apple accessories manufacturers - — Want to apple MFI certification was very hard, to be able to apply for and successful MFI authorization, also become the apple accessories production and design enterprises, its technology and quality is a symbol of power. For fans - — You spend 9. 9, even a few yuan to buy cable, probably is not after apple certification of cable, charging and data transmission, the iPhone is likely to prompt this is unauthorized accessories, declined to provide services, even will damage the mobile phone and tablet in charge, let the battery charge less and less durable, such loss is bigger. So how to query their buy cable, whether belong to MFI certification data on-line? Don't worry, small make up teach you a simple way to copy the url below into a browser, and then select the 'Brand', enter the Brand name, you can query the corresponding Brand certification results.
if you find your own cable not apple official certification, hurriedly come to our company to buy a pure apple certification data cable ~ ~

than the service life of the original still long to try.

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