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Why our cable often easy to bad?

by:Richupon      2020-06-14
With the development of modern science and technology, the gradual progress of scientific and technological achievements in electronics industry, mobile phone has become our life an important part of communication, and the humble cable, but also the partner of communication tools are inseparable. So we are in daily use process should pay attention to what issues? So, small make up to tell you some cable to use skills! 1, when charging the completion of the data cable, do not pulling on the cable, should be connected to the power adapter is extracted and the connection machine hand out USB cable connector; Completed used data from a computer, a mobile phone to pull down, must be hand USB head, gently pull outward, do not pull cable lines, avoid the bad interface, and shorten the service life of the cable. 2, in the case of do not use the data line, to form the habit of receiving data line, in order to avoid foreign body weight, weapon damage. should avoid close to high temperature, the outer layer of the cable insulation is plastic, if long time away from heat leads to wire damage of injury; Cable don't and sharp sharp things together, because cut skin will appear rupture, the phenomenon such as poor contact cause hidden trouble to our own safety! 3, afraid of ash, moisture data line. Interface of the data cable is a metal manufacturing, cable internal precision components, if put undeserved, water vapor and dust into the cable, can lead to problems such as short circuit data cable. 4, when my phone charging, don't let the power adapter and cable plug in the socket for a long time, because the cable will send out a small amount of radiation, the passage of time will not only cause radiation to your body, can also lead to the aging of the internal parts, and then make the charging time long, also can affect the service life of the cell phone. 5, cell phones and computers through cable connection work, please select safe exit on the computer, and then pull out the cable connected to computers. If directly pull the cable, it will cause certain damage to your phone and computer. Finally warm prompt you dear friends, we each cable is equipped with manual, it will tell you some methods of use of the data line, and some matters needing attention, in order to reduce the problem with your cable of improper use.
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