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Why don't your iPhone cable durable

by:Richupon      2020-10-30

apple products look great. Whatever you think of the company, there is no doubt that apple company use high-grade materials to create exquisite and durable products. Apple has done everything, is so, in addition to a notable exception: cable.

it is well known that apple data cable in about six months after normal use began to take off the crack. In different devices -- — The MacBook, iPhone, and the power adapter, have several generation product is common in use process. I burst in 2009, the first generation of the iPhone cable and I iPhone6 cable with so bad after a year away.

because of this problem, create supply apple third-party data line of the whole industry, and to prevent damage of cable repair industry, Such as Sugru universal repair silica gel - — Apple data line saviour) 。 Somehow, apple accessories third-party manufacturers using cables do not have what problem, more durable than apple's own cable. Some websites provide buying guide to replace the iPhone cable. Replacement cable not only beautiful, but much more durable. As many sets of MacBooks, the loyal apple and iPhone users, our family finally replaced all apple original cable, use durable alternative right from the start.

this raises the big question: why can't apple with its billions of cash reserves to create data cable will not crack off?

for apple's apparent inability in cable design, there are several explanations, but one explanation is better: greenpeace. In 2009, greenpeace 'green my apple with campaign successful lobbying apple from cable production of rule out the use of PVC. PVC is PVC, or simply vinyl, plastic polymer popularity all over the world ranking the third. Since then, the company in its' environment 'on the page all bragging about their products do not contain PVC. Third party data line, on the other hand, inevitably will use the PVC components.

I'm not a chemical or environmental engineer, so can't tell you unequivocally that apple's decision on whether to scientific and reasonable. All I know is, PVC is one of the most common chemical products in the world. In the United States, 66% of drinking water pipelines, the vast majority of the cable insulation, waterproof, ethylene base plate and the medicinal use of PVC gloves. In other words, it was not lethal toxicity. For any kind of plastic, of course, I wouldn't suggest, swallow it into his stomach or smoke inhalation burn it. In addition, it is safe.

so why greenpeace against apple use PVC? Their website to hear not, although vaguely mentioned 'toxic plastic, and difficult to degrade. We once thought, such as PVC plastic will be retained in the environment for thousands of years. But now we know that some bacteria and fungi can effectively 'eat' PVC. First using lead stabilizer in PVC production, but get mature application suitable replacement process.

apple from PVC implements the disabled? They ruined his reputation manufacturing high quality accessories. Billions of bad apple data line by early sent to landfill. Once the use cable to charging equipment obsolete, billions of alternative data line once again be sent to landfill. Though apple is not in their cable used in PVC, but now many people rely on those who come from China's cheap third-party data cable. They are likely to use lead, arsenic, mercury and brominated flame retardants, and so on toxic chemicals.

apple disable PVC, the only winner is green peace organization, rather than the consumer, apple's reputation, and destroyed the environment itself.

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