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Why don't transfer the phone cable data?

by:Richupon      2020-07-31
Before I have tried a few mobile phones, even charge have displayed on the computer with usb cable.com/data-cable' target='_blank'>data cable, but not on the computer, can't transfer data, I wonder if you have not met. In general, mobile phone through a cable to connect computers, mobile phone is the state of the first charge. If you're ready to move the things in the computer to the phone, so we have different situation. The below small make up to you to analyze the: 1. Some phones in connection to the computer, mobile phones must be closed first, after good USB plug, switch on again, can appear in the 'my computer' 'removable disk', and then according to the above tips can open the connection of computer operation. 2. Of the cause caused by cable don't match. In general, mobile phone data cable is common, but in addition to the individual cell phone, use the other cable, some model using the data cable is brand mobile phones and other mobile phone is different, so will not be able to connect. 3. Some mobile is to open the smart USB mode. Android mobile phones if installed mobile phone assistant, need to open data switch. Find phone Settings - — Developers options - — Check: keep awakening and USB debugging. According to clew directly into the next step to complete the connection at this time. 4. Not set the default join operation of a mobile PC synchronization options. 5. Most phones connect computer, do not need to install the driver, there are very few still need to install the driver. 6. There is a very important reason, that is the phone cable itself without data transmission function: if only 2 root conductor in the wire, it can only charge not data transmission, if you have any 4 root core wire inside, it can charge and data transmission, because there are four core, there will be 2 root is charging line and 2 signal lines, signal lines can be data transfer.
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