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Why do triad USB cable can be compatible with so many mobile phone?

by:Richupon      2020-10-25
We should all know, we usually used cable for mobile phone interface is different, so the micro USB cable can't compatible with general mobile phones and other mobile devices, such as the android mobile phone use micro USB cable can't give apple mobile phone use. , of course, there are many kinds of cable products, and then take our macro hao da cable manufacturer, we not only have a single charging plug USB cable, there are multiple charging plug cable products, can also be compatible with almost all the major mobile phone and devices on the market. So why do cable manufacturers this USB cable can be compatible with so many mobile phone?

compatible with a wide range of triad USB cable every day we use of mobile phones are more frequent, mobile phone battery capacity is limited, so frequently used soon led to the mobile phone is power off. At this time we will be looking for cable charging. Some people may be because the cause of the work to live life can't wait to recharge, so there will be more than a cell phone. While it is possible to replace the use of mobile phone in time, but the phone jack is also different, often have to carry a couple of different data cable. Such as the iphone and android mobile phone charging socket is different. So in order to solve this problem, we can do macro hao da cable manufacturers have a compatible with many mobile phone and mobile electronic devices USB cable.
the triad USB cable? Why said that he can be compatible with so many mobile phone, because he is more than the ordinary single plug cable out of the two plug, so has three plug cable is not can compatible with more mobile phone. The USB cable of the three plug support android, apple, and the type - respectively C, this triad USB cable main characteristic is convenient and practical, fast charge transfer, etc. It is important to have this triad USB cable, no matter you are using mobile phone android socket, apple pin, or a type - C socket, need not trouble you get three cable to charge. With such a triad USB cable, no amount of also don't have to worry about can't charge the phone.
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